Hi, I'm Miriam

I'm a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Online Coach. My vision and mission is to help women get in shape, gain body confidence, educate and change how they look at food and exercise to ultimately help them to stay healthy to avoid long term morbidities.

I'm on a mission to help women change their lifestyles, to stay active and maintain a healthy weight whilst still eating food they love.

I spent most of my teens and into my early 20s being overweight.

My skin was bad, and my thighs rubbed so much, I had to buy jeans every 8-10 weeks because of the holes that were made.

I know how it feels to look in the mirror and not like what you see. Feeling like the 'fat one' in your group of friends.

Longing to wear crop tops but feeling far too self-conscious and 'fat' to even dare.

It got to a stage where I thought It was down to my genetics and that I would be this overweight forever and I was to learn to accept that.  In some ways this was liberating but it didn't last long before I was down and insecure regarding how I looked.

I've tried every diet possible, from low carb, to Keto, 5:2 to intermittent fasting, but they were so extreme in some cases that it was impossible for me to sustain them and once I had finished the diet, I put the weight back on again and sometimes more.  

My weight loss journey really began when a close family member got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My mother said to me quite bluntly "if you don't sort out your eating habits and weight, your heading down that same road". It scared me to think I could get this too.

I didn't look back.

I wasn't always a personal trainer. My previous career was in the film industry. An industry that if worked in, you would need to live, love and breathe. Hours were long - 12hrs+ days, some perks of the job was good free food and lots of it and I'm not talking salads - think burger vans, doughnut and Nutella filled crepes.  

I always thought I ate relatively healthily, apart from the sweet treats I indulged in now and again - but soon learnt that I was simply over eating for my shape, size and how much I was moving.

Once I started tracking what I ate, and introduced more and effective movement/exercise -  I managed to get rid of the majority of my weight within a few months.

Since my initial weight loss, my goals since have been to get more muscle definition, be able to run a 5K - to finally where I'm at now. I’m in that place where I'm happy and confident with who I am and how I look and my priority now is to ensure I stay healthy and strong and I want that more than anything for all women out there.

I strongly believe that it takes your want to be healthy and to ensure you’re at low risk of morbidities such as cardiovascular disease & diabetes and your change in mindset around how you look at food & exercise that will then create the body you’re after and ultimately the best version of you.

Does this sound like you? Want to make a change?

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