Sophia Furreedan

Sophia Furreedan
Become the healthiest version of herself for her kids and run 5K sub 30mins.

Starting weight: 72kg

Finishing weight: 54.5kg

Running 5K in 28mins

Ran Half Marathon in 2hr 20mins

“Life changing!

I have lived my life bouncing between all different types of diets from keto to the special K diet.  I would lose the weight and then I would return to my old habits and the weight would pile straight back on. Then January 2020 I met Miriam as a virtual coach. I had no idea how a virtual coach would work and believed I needed a personal trainer in person to be pushing me to train up to six days a week to even come close to achieving my goals. As everything else had failed, I thought there was no harm in trying something new. Miriam was so easy to talk to and understood all my struggles as she herself had at one time been in the same place. She gave me support, structure, and accountability. She tailored a nutritional and training plan that fit around my life. Therefore, making it so easy to follow as I could do it all from the comfort of my own home, around work and my kids. I have learnt consistency is key, about the relationship between exercise and nutrition. I stopped looking at food as good and bad and amazingly I did not have to give up my favourite treats or takeaways! 😊  

This year long journey with Miriam has been completely life changing! Yes, I have lost weight and had to buy a whole new wardrobe, however the biggest gains I have discovered is with my mindset. My focus changed from just a number on a scale, to how I was feeling and appreciating my mental and physical strength. Miriam taught me the only thing holding me back is me, and I had to make the change if I wanted change.  

Through this programme I have truly pushed my limits, I began lifting weights and I ran half a marathon when before I could barely do 5km. My newfound confidence has helped me to make life-changing decisions, and I have never been happier! Thank you, Miriam, words cannot truly express my gratitude for how you have changed my life!”

More Transformations

"She helped me see the importance of pushing myself in the gym, I now go to the gym with the hope of hitting PB’s rather than just to burn calories."


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"She helped me see the importance of pushing myself in the gym, I now go to the gym with the hope of hitting PB’s rather than just to burn calories."


"All it takes is consistency and an amazing coach like Miriam to help guide you, support you and keep you accountable."

Angelica Sandru

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